(...bet ya didn't think we knew that joint
you say 'em - we play 'em)

Alright, hey, how's your cock 'n balls...

Let me be Ron with you for a moment.
I have to tell you something I never told any audience before.
I love each and every one of you muthafuckaz.

You're my people.

And I couldn't ask for any greater privelege in life,
Than the gift of making music - just for you.
I swear on Sammy's eye.

Here's something special I wrote at my mother's funeral earlier tonight.
It goes like this... 3...

Gonna rock out with my cock out,
Pimpin' and druggin' with my Glock,
PAP PAP PAP! PAP PAP PAP! (No, please don't leave...)

Well, it's time to say goodnight to you wonderful human beings.
Keep on being. Hope to see you again - real soon.
But before we go...

(wuz that... ah, shit... gonna fuck all your shit up... c'mon, yeah, ah - fuck!
HA! HA! HA! HA! Take us out...)

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