I thought I could find my reflection off the inside of a blind eye
But all I had to go by were the lying images
Breaking with the fading ripples of time

I can only give what I got
But all I have is what I wanna see
So you can ask for anything
But I can't share an invisible piece of me
Like a mask - the inside is the opposite face from the outside
And the tougher the skin, or the brighter the grin,
The more we shelter from the world - or maybe just from ourselves

So when ya pulled the trigger, thought it made ya bigger
Only from where you can see
Ya think the bitter cold is being bold
But all y'are is frightened of your own humanity

Half my friends are dead
The other half are living off their piece of borrowed time
All I can do is pray for you
And hope you seek out what ya need to find:

Ya killed time
Ya got time
Now it's your time
And ya gotta find a way to stop time

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