Well it started with a sound i never heard before
Then the pushin' and the pullin' me across the floor
I said the last thing we did the night before we die
Was a little drunk girl with a big red eye

It was another late night in tokyo
In another dark club after another show
If the morning light could have got inside
We would have seen the girl had a big red eye

So we crashed out a little bit before the quake
Then i held you tight while the hotel shaked
If the walls came down we would have surely died
Never knowin' the girl had a big red eye

But we lived to see ourselves another day
And we laughed out loud with a foot in the grave
Ya see, the camera had a flash and the pictures don't lie
That little drunk girl had a big red eye

And the toxic waste spilled into the sea
And the air stuck like flypaper to me
It's all one big roller-coaster ride
And last night she got on with a big red eye

The greatest lessons we could learn in life
Are always served the day after we die
All i would have missed as i hit the sky
Was that the little drunk girl had a big red eye

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