On the Cutting Room Floor

Burning the Day

So rip away
Tarnish me
Don't forget now
To watch me bleed
I'm undone
Open up now
To persevere through one

And now you have me
And now I'm moving through you
So don't mistake me
On the cutting room floor

So watch it waste
Carry on
Point your fingers
The same old song
So who am I
A new found joke
Watch your mouth boy
For soon your life will choke

On the cutting room
Don't you tell me I'm in wrong
Cross is carried four days long
Fucking life has gone so wrong
Blood in tongue for soon you will be back on

Rip away the bone
Carve away the stone
This life will stand alone
Don't give up your throne...on the cutting room floor
Rip away the skin and fucking bone

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Composição: Burning The Day / Chris Gillespie. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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