Foto do artista Burns Out Bright

Replication Is The Highest Form of Replication

Burns Out Bright

move aside, you've sold away your pride. they're writing all your lines in a paper institution. reverse the damage you have done. we need a new sound, right now. not an empty gesture, not a brand name for our back. formulation serves as the spine that you lack.
imitation is what gets you by. this frustration has kept us down inside. so get out right now. take your last bow. you're on the way down. so get out right now. and realize, these strings you can't hide. that money buys your time. you're part of a revolution that's selling exploitation. we need a new sound, and we need it now. not an empty gesture, not a name brand for our back. life is music, this is our soundtrack. to the way we live our lives, to the way we feel inside. to the way we hold these dreams and hope they never die. we are strong, we're alive, and frustrated inside. someday we'll have our say and we won't be denied. sing while you can, bide your time, know that you live a lie. soon you'll be moved aside for the next in line

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