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When Disaster Strikes

Busta Rhymes

Yea, good God

Yea, for all you motherfuckers across the whole entire galaxy
Busta Rhymes and the whole entire flipmode squad
Back and jivin motherfuckers in 1997
Ha, when disaster strikes, when disaster strikes
Take a look and sit on the side lines and be a witness, ha

All in all
Return for the future like a sanitariann
All of my aphelion
Lets stack a million
While you learn on how the birds go to the motherfucking song
Watch me puts it on
It keeps you open all day long
The way we fuck shit up you thikin something must be wrong
Set the high standards for corny niggas to get the gone
Bleach your ass blonde and black your color back to bronze
On happy days I be the coolest nigga like Dafanze
So spectacular how I turn souls from hear to Africa
A Zimbabwe nigga bangin my joints up in they Acura
Ooh makin you feel the funk from bumper to bumper
Drivin a portafide 100 deforeign license plate number
Ha Ha
Laugh at cha oh
Me and my passengers flip ass niggas over quick like flyin panspactulmer
Why do you be wasting your time being mad at us
Everyone should sing and help
The music miraculous

Yes yes ya'll
Flipmode squad ya'll
We remain supreme in 1997
When disaster strikes you will all feel
When disaster strikes you will all see
When disaster strikes you will all be a witness to the most highexulting

Ya'll, I keep the flow so ridiculous
Rhyme flow taste good like a handful of cherry licorish
Practice your rhyme or be the local Practishonist
Well you can try being a doctor or being a local Obsatritionist
See, you can be something
Quit tryin to work so fuckin hard towards nothing
This rhyme shit was never designed for every sole of muffin
Ya'll I'm sayin why ya'll niggas think that you could really seemy squad
And when we hit you hard that's when you feel the power of theGod
Do it right and big up my peeps in Allis
All of life will appall and especially feel when disasterstrikes
Extremely delicate like the blowing out of candle lights
The quite killings of proviso niggas when ever they wanna fight
That type of shit that shine and blind a nigga's eye sight, allright
We keepin a triant ya'll niggas don't want it right
You will never ever get no winds inside because of
We killin all impostures like we kill a cruchahahas
Bounce to the awards and romonies like we winning Oscars
Rhyme and rasters
Eating enough exotic pasta, ha
Ya'll keep it movin for all of ya'll
Break ya'll niggas out while I makin ya'll niggas fall
Disaster will hitcha quick in a time you will aural
Perm, press, a nigga back peel them of the wall
So tell me, why do you be wasting your time being mad at us
Every voice should sing and help the music sound miraculous

Oh yes ya'll
This situation is now embarked before your very eyes
And as we carry on Flipmode continues to conquer the world
When disaster Strikes you will all fear
When disaster Strikes you will all be a witness to the most highexulted, ha

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