Touch it Remix Part Two

Busta Rhymes

Touch it- bring it - pay it - watch it -
Turn it - leave it - stop - format it"
[repeat 2x]

[intro: busta rhymes]
Aiyyo swizzy i told these niggaz i was comin back to bust they ass!!!
Ok! remix! part two!

[verse 1: busta rhymes]
See now you who the god be, back runnin the city and you know who the squad be
Flipmode bitch look see ain't nothin changed
Now i'm back with the remix with the queens of the game (turn it up!!)
When you see me in the spot you niggas better respect it
Y'all already know where i rep ain't no reason to check it
And i know that you ain't fuckin with me just for the record
So instead i'm a let, mary j. blige come and set it

[verse 2: mary j. blige (busta rhymes)]
(now get low mary!) maybe you can guess who it is (uh huh)
Mary j. blige about to handle my biz (uh huh)
I'm on my grown woman still i rep for the kids
In every hood, and all my peoples doin a bid (turn it up!!)
Now you know who's really the queen deliver the mail
Seven hundred thirty thousand first week of my sales
The haters plot and they watch lookin all pale
While i'm on a yacht, overseas doin my nails
(get low mary!) well let me show you how we do (ha!)
I gotta thank everyone for coppin the breakthrough (uh huh)
Bus did take one the remix is take two
You love the way we reinventin how we just stay new (turn it up!!)
How we sellin out theb stadiums, arenas and all (ha!!!)
Only louis and gucci we don't shop at the mall (huh!)
Got you partyin and dancin and havin a ball
And your lovin the way we reppin how we do it for y'all go 'head and

"touch it- bring it - pay it - watch it -
Turn it - leave it - stop - format it"
[repeat 4x]

[verse 3: rah digga (busta rhymes) {rah digga's adlibs}]
(get low digga!) see me rollin up in your hood {uh huh}
These jokers screa,in damn rah still be lookin good {yeah}
They do they little mack he askin me who i tapped
Ain't none of your concern you a g make it hap (turn it up!!)
When i give a nigga some play he losin his brain (uh)
Askin me a bunch of questions actin like he my man
Wanna stress a bitch out tellin me i did change
They sayin damn my bad if you fell for the game
(get low digga!) now he sittin there lookin stuck (ha!)
He thinkin cause he spent a little dough i'm 'gon fuck
If money ain't a thang i'm sayin let a bitch know
Typed to empty a account, how far you willin to go (turn it up!!)
Now he hopin on the jet he ain't wastin no time
Told me all expense paid anyplace i could find
Hit the islands in the winter trickin all on his dime
Ain't a shorty in the world pussy better than mine, they wanna

"touch it- bring it - pay it - watch it -
Turn it - leave it - stop - format it"
[repeat 3x]

[verse 4: missy ellliott (busta rhymes) {missy elliott's adlibs}]
Bus this is serious man!!!!!!!! (get low missy!)
I'm jinglin baby, go 'head mami, don't i look charmin put your lips up on me {woo!!!}
Kiss it touch it, good, yes i wish you would (turn it up!!)
You like to see me when i dip baby dip (ha1)
Don't it look like i got beyonce's hips
Lookin like i could be nia long
Boy you smokin that cheech and chong
(get low missy!) have you ever seen thickness in a thong {come on!}
You can hit it like a game of ping pong
If you give me two shots of it strong
Nigga bring it on i might let you take me home (turn it up!!)
Now busta bus {bus!!} misdemeanor in here
This year be clear y'all be beware
Fake mc's y'all can't come near
I'm toxic baby like i'm britney spears

"touch it- bring it - pay it - watch it -
Turn it - leave it - stop - format it"
[repeat 4x]

[outro: busta rhymes]
See i ain't even gotta talk to y'all!!!
I let the queens of the game get at y'all!!
Se y'all ain't even in my league!!! flipmode bitch!!!!

"touch it- bring it - pay it - watch it -
Turn it - leave it - stop - format it"
[repeat 6x]

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