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Hold On


Hold on (x7)

You've always been a tough girl,
But you feel you're about to break.
You're feeling stuck,
And out of luck,
Watching your dreams all slip away.
Been working mornings in the kitchen,
And working nights at the corner store.
As your life flies by,
You wonder why,
There's gotta be something more.

Hold on,
But don't hold on too tight.
Let go,
It's gonna be all right.
Don't run away from what your heart is saying.
Be stong,
Face what you're afraid of.
Come on,
Show 'em what you're made of.
I know it's hard when your hope is gone,
But you gotta keep holding on.

You're hear a voice that's calling,
And it's telling you to make a change.
It's time to fly,
And say goodbye,
And move on to a better place.
You know you gotta take the first step,
To get to where you wanna be.
Just get on track,
And don't look back,
'Cos it's the only way that you're gonna be free..


Hold on..
You're gonna make it,
You're gonna be stronger.
Hold on..
Hang in there, baby,
Just a little bit longer.
Hold on..
Yeah, and you're gonna be fine.
Don't give up,
Be strong.
When the going gets tough,
You gotta hold on.

(Chorus x2)

I know it's hard when your hope is gone, (x3)
But you gotta keep, yeah,
Holdin' on..(Hold on..)
Hold on..(Hold on)
Hold on.

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