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Keep Movin'


I gotta keep movin´, up and down this life
I gotta keep movin´, leave the past behind
And do all it should be done, to live my life and have some fun
Life is how you make it, so take it

Now I see ya still movin, while I´m groovin,
Once again I´m back in the house, I´m improovin,
To let you know, let you real somethin good
But not this, see you wish you could
Gotta lay the past behind, what´s on my mind,
It´s the rime shinin, clinin, I´m pporing on a way to the top
With CBK-style with the club hiphop
I bring it back, put it down the line
I stop and come on the top of the dine
Did you think I was gone all for real?
But you´re going full, with the rap appeal,
Now here it comes stronger much harder
Where black and go, much started
I can´t stop, nigga come Pop! Drop!
Gotta keep movin´!

Chorus x 2

I gotta keep movin, up and down this life

I gotta keep movin´, while you snoozin
It´s the club style mix, I´m here to proove it
Now recognize the M to the M P,
The P is for POP, and I don´t stop
And I can´t be stopped now immitade it
So watch out, yeah, ya still hacned
It´s the digness with the mystery
Now watch out and go, see I peep this
I still standing on the eastcoast level
I´m still diggin deep, and I´m remaining the shevel
Now I keep going try to face that
Still ponding powerful commercial track, jack
Gotta bring it to you nice and slow
On the carpet C, it is my time to glow
I stay away to long, it´s beeting my chest like King Kong

Chorus x 2
I gotta keep, I gotta keep, I gotta keep on movin´
I gotta keep, I gotta keep, I gotta keep on movin´

It´s 1999 ya´ll, and we still represent C-BLOCK
We just tryin to let you know, Life is what you make it
So leave the past behind, cause that´s the way it´s done,
So keep movin!

Chorus x 2

I gotta keep movin, up and down this life

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