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Share In The Blame

Caedmon's Call

don't blame the bullet for the wars you have sown
don't blame the winter when you've forgotten your coat
when you make the same deals for a hundred years
and you wanna make a change
you gotta hold up the mirror and share in the blame

don't blame your brother for the color of his skin
don't blame your neighbor for the house he lives in
from the same cloth, we are made of, we are just the same
you gotta hold up the mirror and share in the blame

like a coming of age, I am learning how to say
all the failures I'm dragging behind
finding freedom to speak, freedom to release
oh tonight I wanna make peace with you

don't blame the writer for the doubts in your head
don't blame the preacher for the lovers in your bed
when you find out that the world is round, everything is rearranged
you gotta hold up the mirror, and share in the blame


don't blame the president, don't blame the king
don't blame your history for what might have been
we will be free where the grass is green and the lion is tame
if we just hold up the mirror now and share in the blame

Words and Music by Sandra McCracken. © 2007 Same Old Dress Music (admin. by music services) all rights reserved. ASCAP

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