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Play It Loud

Cagle Chris

Hey,Hey turn up that song
I think about you when it comes on
and I get lifted off the ground
And when you're in my arms
I feel the beat down in my heart
It makes my world spin around
So come on baby, you know the moment's right,
yeah take me by the hand and we can rock away the night


I wanna dance till the break of day
to the music that we make
there's never been a sweeter sound
I wanna, wake the neighbors
make the headlines in the morning paper
No I don't wanna turn it down
cause there's nothing like the rhythm of love
so play it loud

You're like a melody
and girl it gets all over me
when you move the way you do
and when I feel your touch
then it gets to be too much
you know it puts me in a mood
come on baby don't be shy
just open up your heart and hold on tight


So come on baby you know the moment's right
take me by the hand and we can rock away the night


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