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You go right, I'll go left
Sometimes we don't agree
But that's ok cuz in the end
We're still brothers you and me
We'll go to Steak n' Shake sometimes
Cuz we hang out every night
And we do the same old thing
Sometimes we fool around too much
Cuz we are a frisky bunch
We get in trouble every day
Hey Ho straight through the heart
I'm for you and I know you're there for me
Give me a High 5
Hey Ho friends till the end
Can't you see that's the way it's got to be
You're the money and the bomb,
But I talk about your mom
Even though it isn't right
Got to mikey's play some games,
Stay up till the break of day,
Maybe get into a fight.
Even though we're hittin' 20
And we haven't yet matured,
You know I think it's kinda funny
That we're all a bunch of nerds.
Can't you see thats the way its gotta be
You've done good this time
You've done real good

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