Foto do artista Calvarium

The Dark Blessed Elite


From the Shadow, rising..
A pale becoming
Like a leaking sewer pipe
rancid, rusted by the time of existance
Wasting and losing energy
Still deteriorating... withering
Arteries spread by my gospel!
Blood is the life, they say..
But plagued is this wine
poisoned to contaminate Luciferian gifts!

It isn't the day that conquers the night,
Nor does dark become overcome by light
But the existance of another
is but the opposite

All living will DIE!!!
Either a quickened end
or slow one of the deterioration...
Which is more painful one
is to decided by the sufficated
But us, the Dark Blessed
shall walk as elite above these mortals
And the knowledge comes too late
when we rule supreme, master!

It's the night that kills the light
and the day is slain by dark
This existance, balance
is created from the blacker side

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