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Together In Etirnity


Far away from me (You're far away)
But still I love you, can't you see
Cause we were meant to be
Together in etirnity (Can't you see)

So you hurt me, one more time
I sure could tell love makes one blind
The more you hurt me, the more I cry
I love you more, I can' deny

You stole my heart, took my soul
What is it left for me to say
I try to give you all my love
What is it left for us to share

repeat chorus

You don't show, what you feel
Can I give you what you need
If you were me, one more time
I'll try my best to make you mine

How did you love everything
I try to pray to find a way
I need to find out what you need
But your holler cannot reach


I don't regret that I met you
I haft to try to forget
About that love we had
The love we almost had
Set me free, My love
Stop hurting me

Alfie & Kjetil rap.

Chorus till the end.

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