Jah rastafari
And i saw an i-ngel ascended from the east. having the seal of the living
King, emperor haile selassie i, the most high. and he cried out with a loud
Voice, sayin~


Well, it's a raggy road
Road is so rough
Raggy road
Road is so tough
Raggy road
A road is so rough
Raggy road
Well i been troddin this road for the longest while
And me career nuff a dem want fi soil
Troddin this road for the longest while
And never yet try profit off all another man toil
Troddin this road for the longest while
A long time in this house and me no stop till the soil
Troddin this road for the longest while
And give away more than one tenth of the spoil
Troddin this road for the longest while
And still me lamp never run outa oil

This the one you have fi feel
Tell dem a no bargain
Tell dem a no deal
Nuff a dem nah want put dem shoulder to the wheel
So dem go rape.. dem go rob.. and dem go kill and steal
All a try eat all a another man meal
Onu deaf, onu dumb, onu blind fi go feel
One man was worthy to open the seal
Emperor selassie i i know is real
Babylon get trampled under me heel


Well, nuff a dem go get throw overboard
Like henry morgan with the pirate code
Nuff a dem a trod upon corruption road
Nuff a dem a trod with satan heavy load
True dem promote that dem and
The bingi man no
Bingi man no pose
Bingi man no wear up dem babylon clothes
In a me turban and me asian robe
Well dem a come see
We come fi expose
The righteous works nuff try oppose
I see judgement a take dem evil at the sword
Judgement take dem and then dem explode

Immanuel road so rough
Selassie i road so tough

Well babylon dem have fi run
Now dem see the hour and how come dem a go run
I'm like the lightning and the thunder
Come fi conquer dem gun
I'm like the rain i'm like the breeze
I'm like the river that run
I'm like the star i'm like the moon
I'm just like the sun
And dem give the ghetto youth dem gun
Fi shoot dem brother down
Babylon you judgement a fi come


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