Plugged into the socket
Leads attached to twitching skin
Ignite the squirming foetus
To dissolve it from within

The uterus aspirated foeticide
Suction catheter eradicating your insides

Foeticides done daily
Frying them inside the womb
Electrocuting embryos
In their sterile tomb

Your cervix an abscess foeticide
Pumped out by your gynaecologist your insides

Spasmodic convulsions of pleasure are gained
Pumping the boiling gunge as you languish in pain
Scouring out the womb from the effervescing rot
Scrubbing-brush comes in handy to clean out all the clots

Electrodes buzz with power
Visceral muscle is charred black
Melting bone, frying aqueous humour
A dignified death is what you lack

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