Pick up the phone
I’m Pregnant with your baby
I wanted you to know
The dreams I’ve been having lately

I wake up
I woke up from an explosion
And the city speaks in sirens
In the wreckage is my angel of devotion
A dying light inside him

And I try to tell you something
But my mouth fills up with water
You say finally you found me
And suddenly I’m drowning

Pick up the phone
I’m trying to say sorry
The things that you should know
Are weighing heavy on me

Well it’s nothin’ can’t be fixed with a hot bath and
A fifth of mother’s ruin
All forgot for the duration with deranged and maybe even
Drunken sex with strangers

And his wife didn’t stop crying
For at least a week, he told me
But at least she got the kids and half a million
I just assumed that he was sleeping

And I fall in love in the only way that I know
As I dive into the mouth of a hungry volcano
And I woke, not recognizing sad reflections
As I lay next to the next one with you on my mind

Pick up the phone
Pick up the phone
Pick up the phone
I let the wrong one go

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