Starin' out my hotel window
Half a million strangers walkin' by
With half a million different stories
Where they're goin', what they've left behind
And catching my reflection sends me back in time, i'm

Takin' her hand, kickin' up sand
Sneakin' behind the old band stand
Sun is settin' on a beautiful day
Down on the shores of the chesapeake bay
The wind in her hair, salt in the air
Down in the dunes on a blanket there
All alone on a night like this i miss
Her sweet virginia kiss

If i'da made just one choice different
Where would i be, guess i'll never know
The answers buried in the sand
Where i left my foot prints long ago
Those steps i find myself retracing, every night i'm

Oh, my heart aches for the love we made
But i feel fine, when i close my eyes, go back in time i'm

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Composição: Jeff Coplan / Rhean Boyer / Robert Ellis Orrall · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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