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I Have You

The Carpenters

I have always been a dreamer
Followed visions of my own
I was born to belong
To the lines of a song
And make them my home

I believe in happy endings
Though I´ve only know a few
For as rares as they are
Like a bright falling star
I found one in you

All the word can seem so
And the road ahead so
And the dream so far away
When I´m almost
To surrender
Then I stop
And I remember
I have you
to save my day

Often my imagination
Has me reaching out too far
When I fell you were there
With your hand the air
You knew from the start

After all you´ve done
To save me
Thru the love you freely
Gave me
Every step along the way
People ask what keeps me
And in truth, it comes from
I Have you
To save my day

Feeling helpless
When I held you
Wishing words would come
To tell you
I have you
To save my day