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Say Yeah!

The Carpenters

Say yeah!
Tossed and turned all night
Dreams in black and white
My want has turned to need
There's only one way this can lead
You've got me walking on the edge
With silent things your lips have said
You've gotta bend before I break
There's more to love than what we make

(*) up & down ring around the roses
You move in close I come undone
How long till you ever know it
Till you see that I'm the one

(**) say yeah!
C'mon baby make your move
Say yeah!
It's time we call it love
Say yeah!
You don't need nobody else
Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Comes a time when you've got
To trust your heart
Cause down the line somebody blows
Your cool apart
You've got that look upon your face
Written dreams you can't erase
So don't go telling lies
We've got the answers in our eyes

Repeat (*)
Repeat (**)