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The Uninvited Guest

The Carpenters

Her ghost is there
I can see the outline of her shadow traced in the air
Sometimes I see her bended over your shoulder
I think what lies has she told you
And I see a smile light up
your face
You like what she says
And I wanna cry, it's killin' me
But I play dumb instead

(*) she's the uninvited guest who lives in our house
She's the other woman who's on your mind
Who's in your life
I'd have to be blind not to see it, not to feel it
And I'm runnin' second best
To the uninvited guest and it's breaking my heart
You don't know how I know
If it all was in the open, you'd deny that it it's so
Just like the old song "torn between two lovers"
It's not happening to others
It's happening to you and me and the pain is intense
I should leave you but I love you though
It doesn't make sense

Repeat (*)

I should leave you but I love you though