Snazz D
This is Snazz-Dictator, Unreleased Records
Yeah! (X-Amount)
We 'bout to put Johannesburg on the map
My man Draztik on the beats
You wanna test me or you stupid?
You must be out of your mind, Snazz-D is the Don

Yo, If a picture is worth a thousand words
My rhymes look like a photo album
Public awareness like a Farrakhan, Nelson and Malcom

I stress MCees like midlife crisis
With more killa lines than cocaine laced with arsenic on my mic devices
I catch so many sleepin, I should be called sandman
Got your nose runnin and feet smellin like you doing a handstand
I'm not for underground records like mines leaving in
I'm constantly higher than your average raver been
I get respects like a newsreader
If I had 24 hours to live, I'd order a million margaritas
I'm a modern day wonder, your style is rustic
I slice your belly open and release the butterflies in your stomach
Ridin beats like a testorosa
Blowin his unexpectedly like landmines in Angola
Rap are thought I was 12 months before performance
I flip tomorrow, I might mess up your hearing organs
You couldn't be complex if your ghost-writer was Issac Newton
I'm shootin for the stars causing confusion
Get you wet like a flood victim from a hard night drinking
You couldn't bite this with wooden teeth like Abraham Lincoln
I move the crowd like a four-hour earthquake
X-amount, crank the four track
And make the world wake up
Jump the boogie when I flex
I'm bringin the ruckus like 30 or more in a high school for the death

CHORUS (repeat twice]
Hits we gotta raise the stakes
While you cats praise the papes
We amaze the the greats,phase the fakes
upstage the snakes, get paid get laid
Unreleased records
Hits we gotta raise the stakes
while you cats praise the papes
we amaze the greats, phase the fakes
Upstage the snakes, get paid get laid

I stay equipped like military money green like night vision
Unseen like camouflage Vietnamese and Vietnam
Veteran offspring, abandoned in the jungle
I'm like Uncle Tom droppin A-Bombs in the Ghetto
for the white house like Jesse
The next dimension I'm on it though my campaign is
black noise like Khalid Mohammed
I want it, money and power like the world Bank
MCees will have us paying tax forever like African debt
It's not fair!
I know it's interest is 100 percent, collecting every cent
It's the capitalist, rocking ice and gold and platinum
Yo! I steal, while I distract you with rice and mealie meal

Black Intellect
Niggaz don't understand the plan
Open the gates, reload
Let the GODZ proceed for mic skills
Generation X, but what you sayin though? Listen!
Making the money and gold
Coz cash rules niggaz got eat divine skills
Extort the masses was raised of GOD Degree
Hold it down and represent
I'm not a racist. Why no?
When they holding all the aces
You and your mans is just a nuisance
In my predicaments, Bullet holes lace the windows
You waste on hoez
You understand my frustration expands from jail-cells
to cemeteries
With the bag bodies, the good live lives that money hungry
We use the mics to kill dummies

CHORUS repeat twice

Snazz D
Black like Tom Jones, you wack like Sean Combs
I got guns trying to blow my horn like trombones
I move on black or white crowd
Live shows mic loud
The main reason wack MCees hate me so much right now
[aaargh waaaw]
I'm too much like 101 Dalmatians
Shittin in your crib and cleaning it up without an apron
If I catch you slipping
I'ma pull the rudest prank like the unleashing swarm
of Killa Bees inside the nudist camp
My shit is so dope
I get high, while I'm taking dumps
Come out the back room with a munchies and forget to flush
My shit's so dope I need to clean my urine samples
Stick a bankie up my ass and sell it singing christmas carols
Before I held the mic I used spoons
I practiced with your momma's crack pipe till she
started howling at full moons
I'm hot like stolen cars,Bizzare like Golden Arms
Snazz the chosen, the most potent
Our rhymes are hard my tongues on a strike y'all
From Cape town to Cairo, my peeps can't await for the vinyl
I gate-crash a party
Get a 5-Star treatment MCees can't see me like Middle-East
Peace agreement
From J.H.B. to N.Y.C., heads I'm touching
Stealin shows like winning the Sprite Rush Hour opening for Bongo Muffin
In backstaged packed for security till 5 A.M.
Frisked DJ. Fresh but coz couldn't recognize it

CHORUS repeat twice

Snazz D
Big shoutouts to all the MCees out there
Big shoutouts to all you DJs
Big shoutouts to the B-Boys
Big shoutouts to all the graff-Artists
Big shoutout to my man Crooked The War Monger
Captain my captain [check it out]
Big shoutout to Africa, the dark continent,the next level


yo check it out
yo! peace to Bobbito, Cucumber Slice and Fondle 'em
records, Mr. Len Jean Gray, one Love
no doubt
Sam a/k/a Simpiwe
Sam Boogie out in Baltimore
no doubt
yo! J-Section, Gabz City
you know how it is? representing world-wide, B.I., Snazz

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