9mm & A Three Piece Suit

Catch 22

Well I know I shouldn't care but I do & I don't and
I always crack a smile when I see your punk rock
clothes and you try try but you never fit in and
you're never going to so pack it up pack it in,
so there Steve took three or four Heather took more.
She lit a cigarrette and they're walkin out the
door with a semi automatic and a ski mask on they
look to one another and they say to themselves "what fun".
Well I never want to bother and I never want to hover
over his or her affairs because that's not fair and it
seems to me that you're running out of time and it
seems to me like you're never going to do what's
right Jack dropped 21, Jill 22.
The look in his eye said "Brother what are you going
to do with a 9mm and a three piece suit?"
they look to one another and say "hey motherfucker,
who's the fool?"

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