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Whatever happened to fair dealing
And pure ethics
And nice manners?
Why is it everyone now is a pain in the Ass?
Whatever happened to class?
Whatever happened to Please may I
And Yes thank you
And How charming?
Now every son of a bitch
Is a snake in the grass
Whatever happened to class?
Oh, there ain't no gentlemen to open up the doors,
There ain't no ladies now there's only pigs and whores
And even kids'll knock you down so's they can pass
Nobody's got no class!!!
Whatever happened to old values
And fine morals
And good breeding?
Now no-one even says oops
When they're passing their gas
Whatever happened to class?
Oh, There ain't no gentelmen that's fit for any use,
And any girl will touch your privates for a deuce
And even kids'll kick your shins and give ya sass
Nobody's got no class!
All you read about today is rape and theft
Jesus Christ, ain't there no decency left?
Nobody's got no class!

Every guy is a snot
Every girl is a twat
Holy shit
Holy shit
What a shame
What a shame
What became of class?

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