Abhor the pristine whore
The glowing white eye in my head will not shut

Cease this at once! I am the chosen leper
I falling inward
The internal void swallowing matter, time and space!

I met myself in a shadow and god was sleeping there
I asked for a cure but he could not be woken
So I stabbed at his neck and was absorbed
Now I crawl like an insect
Burrowing into flesh like needles

To the great white eye I saw pass the scalpel
Drain the fluid and bathe yourself
You stink of the virgin.
Your face now in my window
Recoil and jump to fear

With despair it walks
You shall be silenced when the fluid fills your lungs
I am the abhorring stench
The flies of his reckoning shall feast upon your slavery

Turn your eye elsewhere
Your pupil churns blood and bone
To the carpet it goes, so I may walk upon graves

I shall banish the kingdom
The kingdom of your moral string
Snapping like sinews of bone
Splintering the eye

Define your encroaching mass
You whore amongst flesh
Flesh of the senile corpse

The whore reeks in her cave
Her sullen white skull
Illuminated like the moon
The eye shuts and I can sleep.

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