The stars are out tonight
And i don't know where you are
I've never felt this lost before

The moon is a desert
A million miles away
Whose cold breeze devours endless days

There was no sign
Not a single warning
Just a natural silence

I sensed the absence
As light began to fade
And still i never felt weak or betrayed

I hear the winds calling, wailing with despair
To mourn for this instant, weeping without care

I see the sun die, retreating into space
Summoned by the dusk, with silent grace

Please forgive me
For bidding the hands of fate
For breaking all the rules
And knocking down the gates

I've come for a reason
Through an act of suicide
Now there is nowhere for you to hide

I hear the winds calling
Wailing with despair
To mourn for this instant
Weeping without care

I've seen the sun die
Retreating into space
Summoned by the dusk
With silent grace

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