First knuckle, second knuckle, third, wrist, elbow

girl if we unbotton my shirt
the demon squirming underneath it
would release the secret: rjyans being ridden
it was so cute the way i'd step on stage and say
"i am a 20 year old virgin"
listen, nothing could be further from the truth
i'm not braggin' i'm asking you
help us, all of us
not just in my bedpost the sawdust sulferous smells fries
the heat blisters, smoke chokes my throat and eyes
hold my hand on the candle just to spark some departure
from the flatline that my mind ???
not surrounding, rock the crowd, knock it out
??? for doubletime and trying to hide
don't confuse a mess with complex
a million years of evolution stopping dead at cex
i got a body full of problem and i can't find the reason
so at this point i'm searching
for any type of feeling you can spare me
feeling better's just not an option apparently
and wretched seems my best bet
it's something real i can feel tearing at my thick head, so i'll take it
i welcome the attention you expect to get you naked

if i hold you like a puppet tonight
can you remind me what it feels like to be in control?
cause fuck it if i know
fingertips, fist, wrist, forearm, elbow

(in your pussy i'm coming
and i love you)

First knuckle, second knuckle, third, wrist elbow

if you hit your head against the wall until the headache's gone
it probly means you've busted your skull once and for all
with irrepairable damage
i'm asking you to peer past the pulp fragments
and tell me what's wrong with my brain
what kind of poison pumps through these arteries and veins
i'd have let you fuck away the best part of me, the pain
like sex was ever pleasure and distraction
it can't be depression if it ends in an orgasm
fricking addiction, yeah right, i'm just a little kid
i'm just a wannabe, get high, steven tyler shit
i couldn't take myself serious
i need to be a vaguer lyricist
so i can make scars out of ???
i put the globe on my shoulders
the world shrugged me off
i know where i belong
dial tone to major tom
ground control's empty, everybody's gone
high above the world ???
just make it stop

fingertips, fist, wrist, forearm, elbow

(in your pussy i'm coming
and i love you)

first knuckle, second knuckle, third, wrist elbow

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