The city makes so much noise when you record it
The streets have secret voices
If they don't shut up your head will get dirty
So you block out the hum
Desensitized, it's not healthy
But the city's like a miniture body
With miniture versions of our universal problems
If i can make dorm rooms and stadiums silent
My record, when played, will make the whole world more quiet

My ears are wringing
Things hid in me
I want to keep my tissues eye lashes and intestines clean
By i can't think
Open for business! infected!
Every particle pulled in a separate direction
I've got to find a way to keep the voices outside
Only one holy hunger will i obey or recognize
This body's mine as it's owner i seal it
Let's find out just what this piece of shit is capable of feeling

Food is disgusting; it's what they make shit from
You're vomiting backwards
Your pores give you cancer
I want to make a record instead of taking drugs
But with the phone off this room is more quiet than it was

I'm so out of breath, ungraceful
I'm always running now
Can't stop chasing
There's something inside me that doesn't exist yet
I'll need to be aerodynamic to catch it
I can't get comfortable in this mess
Less turn an eye to my blind influence, arrested
Weighted down by the bullshit my black hole's collected
Suck it all in:
Distracted! conflicted! pathetic!

But i will make myself into the shape of a weapon
I will burn off the fat until i'm all sharp edges
Convey my main content
No nonsense, no questions, no excess
I very much prefer an early exit
A sensible rebellion
The least embarrassing
I'm not flailing my fists i'm not coming apart
And when my body stops moving i won't be shocked
I'll know exactly the cause
And just who's at fault

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