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Don't Talk Back

Kasey Chambers

Well it's half my heart and a little bit of soul
That makes me feel I've gotta ride this road
I wouldn't change it if I could
And me and this road you know we've got an understanding
It won't leave me at home and I am
Too tired to do just what I should
And last night I asked if I could
Take comfort in the rosewood
The road said nothing at all
Coz it don't talk back unless the wind blows hard
I drive it all night with the wheel of my car
It won't leave me running for the door
And if the paints still wet I can just slow down
And it all goes away on the other side of town
And nothiing is that easy anymore

Well the hurt won't leave with the sight of white line
But it eases up the pain for a while
The only habit that I keep
And miles take time but the time is mine
And always moving suits me fine
I'll catch my breath when I sleep
And after all that I've done
I'm not half what I hoped that I'd become
There's still a long way to go

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