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With the sun in your eyes
Always mistaking
The truth from the lies
In the love that you're making
Don't pretend it isn't so

With the sun in your eyes
It always reveals
A voluntary bondage
That always appeals
It's how you make the garden grow

But why this weakness
No-one knows
Our conscience cries his sorrow
While we sleep
But once the morning's dawned
Out the back-door
Silently he creeps

With the sun in your eyes
Always reminding
A sense of excitement
You've no hope of finding
With the chains that bind your feet

Belonging or longing
For a few empty hours
In a strangers bed
To chase away
A fear that's in your head

And why this weakness
No-one knows
The vacant faceless voices
On the phone
Bring words that offer no
Consolation when you're all alone

With the sun in your eyes

Beaten on the brow of history
A union forged in slavery
In all that's hope and decency
A hope for you and a hope for me
For every woman child and man
To those who'll chain you if they can
The babe you're bouncing on your knee
Needs your help now can't you see

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