Foto do artista Charley Pride

I Don’t Think She’s In Love Anymore

Charley Pride

Well I came in late again last night
Really it was this morning
I had my alibi down pat
I was gonna be charming

But the locks were all changed I was stuck outside
With a key that no longer fit
There was a note on the door that said
Adios sayonara goodbye this is it

I don't think she's in love anymore
She's hanging up the telephone and locking her door
I don't think she wants to hear any more of my lies
I don't think she's in love anymore
She's not buying my lies like before
The only thing she wants out of me now is goodbye

So I went down to a phone booth
Almost down to crying
All ready to spill the truth
I see she's tired of my lying

Well I was all ready to beg and plead
And to turn over a brand new leaf
But the second she heard it was me on the line
I heard click she hung up on me

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