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Cuban link, diamond cross
I got a Spanish chiquita
No habla ingles, not at all, no
Cut up three lines like Adidas
She clean that shit up with her nose
And I got a kilo, no kilimanjaro, baby
Just a mountain of coke

Oh, mami, this a new 'rari
Hit one-fifty on the dash, I bent the corner
Then she bent it for me sideways, uh
I might have to fuck her on the highway, yuh
Ooh, woah

Oh, mami, I got blue molly
I throw Louis V, Supreme on top of Murakami
Bitch, I'm fuckin' styling, yeah
I might say I love her, but I'm lying, yeah-ah
Yeah, woah
Oh, no, no, no

Mamacita, I can see the devil in your eyes
Muy bonita, tú quieres estar by my side
She might make me stay in for the night
For the night, oh

Call Maria let's get drunk
I haven't been out for a month
Got a two liter in the back
And another bottle in the trunk

Colombian gold in the front seat
The foreign girls showing me love
Telling your friends that you hate me
But I know that you can't get enough

Oh, mami, this a new 'rari
Hit 150 on the dash I bent the corner
Ugh, now bend it for me sideways, uh
I might have to fuck her on the highway, yuh
Yuh, woah

Oh, oh my
I don't wanna take this call
I'm too high, red eyes
She might even take the fall if I ask her
Baby, pop it backwards
Acting extra but she never been an actress
Ah, shit

Oh, yeah yeah-ah-ah-ah, woah
Oh, yeah yeah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, eh
Oh, yeah yeah-ah-ah-ah, oh, shit

I said, I said, oh, mami, this a new rari'
Bitch I'm fucking styling
I don't need no stylist
All of my dogs, they be whyling

Shit, fuck a double date
Double down on everything I say
You can bring your family, but she don't get to stay
Guarantee she'll end up leaving anyway
Never play, dog watch out

Dark flames on the doors, swing out
Switch lanes on a one-way route
Switchblade make your blood pour out
Make it rain in a drought
Hop in and hop out

Motherfucker, get down when I say: Down
Brown duffle bag
I fill it up with 30 clip rounds
Drop shit, pop wheelies, fuck a breakdown
I don't give a

Bitch, I'mma slide either way
Please do not try me today
I see the static from a mile away
She wanna fuck me, okay
She wanna know how it taste, yeah

Fuck all that talking, I'm restless
I pray that I don't get arrested
Pray that she wake up for breakfast
Pray that she wake up for breakfast

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Composição: Christian Anthony / Clinton Cave / Mitchel Cave. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Enviada por Leiidy e traduzida por Bruna. Legendado por Giovana. Revisões por 4 pessoas . Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.


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