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False Sense Of Sanity

Chelsea Grin

Looking in the mirror you begin to contemplate your sanity
Last nights horrors were far to much for you to fucking take
You cry out in terror, corpses all around
But you can't remember a thing, who caused this crime?
Just then you look down and see
The blood stained on your hands and clothes
Panicking you begin to run
This can't be, it must be a dream

But you're not just going to let this happen
So you turn your back, you won't accept this
So you put the bodies in the walls and under the floor boards
No one will ever know what went on this horrible night

Sitting in the corner, you don't know what's real
Are all these things just in your head?
No way to tell, you try to forget it and get it out of your head
You try to convince yourself nothing was true

It's just a dream nothing is real
You awake and sit there in fear
Never to speak of this again
Because it's all just in your head

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