You've got the look - they'll never
You wanna be noticed - but they haven't
noticed yet

When the time is right - a star on
your door
Taking you places that you've never
been before
Where did you go?

Go to sleep tonight and dream about it
till the morning
Make a scene tonight - read about it
in the morning
Appearing for the very first time -
on the screen tonight
And when you wanna - they treat you
like a Prima Donna

You're a movie queen - familiar face
Prettiest woman in the whole of
the human race

You're gonna be famous - you wanna go far
(Your) name up in lights - everybody
knows who you are
On with the show

(How) will it feel being number one
Hard to imagine but I can't blame you
for tryin'
How will it feel havin' so much fun
Hard to imagine but it's so electrifying

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