I still recall the crossroads
I still believe myself
I still believe the people that hurt me everyday
I still believe the future
I hope that something I can change
I feel the power to stop the war
If I seem strange...

No one cares about anyone
[Anyone lies]
I don't want to suffer from this lie

People lie, people hide disgraceful behaviour
No one cares about the law, all are seeking "pure" love
No one has belief in God, all are freaks elapse with lust
What do you cry as Britney Spears?
Tomorrow day is not for you

...This already stands my life...

The folks betray each other
Their deeds are vile enough
Their warped souls are frozen
And fallen on the laugh

Infected with soul-ripping
I leave my sanity
I feel the part of human
Inside me passed away

Everyone bleeds everyone
[Everyone slays]
I don't want to crawl with the snakes


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