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I can't keep them anymore

No sudden movements, they crow
Why do I give him all control?

A piece of time
This work of mine
Will summon your descent

We stand in the light of endless years
Beauty is my weakness and I will never see
The weakest side of me

For what they did we shouldn't crawl
To heal our bleeding ears
I don't want to show these tears

But we know when our lives are free to grow
I will never keep it coming out of broken souls
To rise in me

And find redemption in this holy place
I took too long to dream

Go and call the names of all that we've lost
They won't stop our pain
They will know our rage
As we step beyond our faith again

Save yourself again
Become and embrace your heart

We reach until the calling seas
Won't burn beneath our feet anymore

We collide with preaching flames tonight

We don't want to see this go
I'm right to be afraid of the world I used to know
A victim of my name

The second sight can't bring you home
But I'm still here
I could die but I won't cry

So save me from my fate again
Givers worship me before the end will come
Upon the one can keep the light

Save yourself again
You know that we cleanse our hearts

So we stand and feel the whole within
I descend to prowl up on the only home they know

We could not hear his mangled roar
He couldn't keep the light like before

Our chance to grow will only come
When you're gone and I say
Its bleeding right from your fainting eyes
Believe me, don't let me out or to leave

They will come from everywhere

So they wander from me
But you want it off the weak
Ripping on the edge of you

Call all your crows
As they want your eyes to see
You wont call the falling birds to fly from me

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