Sorry for not knowing this is smaller than it seems
Just everything that I have ever dreamed
But to you, it's not exciting, and my face is not inviting
Oh please, why would you fall in love with me?

I misread it, it's not true
Everything is false from my point of view
I am lost, I don't know where we're at
Are you okay? Will you miss me?
Would you want to come and kiss me, babe?
I don't expect that much from you

And I guess I'll be fine
Sitting here for a while and I might whine
About how you were the one for me
But it's okay, I'm just crazy
I will always hold on to maybe
One day you will come back for me

Well, maybe I will get my shot when we get older
So, please don't ever hesitate to put your hand on my shoulder
I will be waitin' here for the day that we go steady
You can never let me down, so tell me when you're ready, baby

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