The time has come
Fortune and my reign will shine
Like the stars in the sky
Over lands and the sea

Your power is assured
You are king oh charlemagne
To fight for the right to conquer
And vanquish your foes

Come, let's drink to the time
When peace and the sun will shine
And the world will be, as one, forever

My destiny
Rides out before me
Like a cloud in the sky
It travels afar

All men shall pay thee
The homage and dues to come
To prepare the way
For a better world

Charlemagne, charlemagne
Charlemagne, your kingdoms
Are there for all to see
The power and the glory are your destiny

The dawning of a new age
Will shine just like a star
Yours will be a world of lands
Both here now and afar

No castle, no keep, nor wall
Shall stand in my way, now
No river too deep to be crossed
No ocean too wide

The light of your star
Shall never fade nor die
Your time has come
You are king of all you survey

Charlemagne, charlemagne

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