You´re in the doors that keep revolving
The sirens that keep screaming
You´re in the flashing of the headlights
The things that I´m believing

You´re in the water that I´m drinking
The sound of 911
The walls that protect me
From the damage that you´ve done
In this world you are with me

But I walk this earth alone
And all I´ve ever known
Is you are right beside me
If I love you for a day
Then blow my life away
Could I leave you behind me

You´re in the crashing of the windows
The angels round the ´ceiling
You´re in the fire in my belly
The fucked-up way I´m feeling

You´re in the warning in the table
The pills that dissapear
The whines as I´am talking
The words you´ll never hear
In this world you are with me

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Composição: Charlie Midnight / Lauren Christy / Patrick Doyle. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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