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Till The End

Chynna Phillips

A couple of weeks out of my life
That was all we were
(All we were)

You fell right into passion's web
Haven't you ever learned
(You never learn)

I never gave you my heart
We were always one step apart
Did you think that we were somethin'?
Do you miss the world we shared?
Did you think we'd just go on & on & on & on?
I'm afraid you were mistaken
I need more than just one man
I was never one to see love through till the end

They say time can heal all wounds
So don't you worry
(Don't you worry)

Throw that smile back on your face
In a hurry
(In a hurry)
Don't come crashing through my door
Love don't live here no more


Boy you were really somethin'
Diamonds in your eyes

It wasn't all for nothin'
You had me hypnotized, kept me mesmorized
You know you did
You know you did....

Don't come crashin' through my door
Love don't live here no more

(Chorus x2)

Just go on & on & on & on
See love through till the end

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Composição: Chynna Phillips / Patrick Leonard. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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