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White Pepper Ice Cream

Cibo Matto

White pepper ice cream - it's
like a line drawing - It snipped
my heart - White pepper ice
cream - In my mouth - It stings
my lips - It's like an eclipse
As if I'm in the crossword puzzle
But I can't fill in the blank -
White pepper ice cream - Sweet
or spicy? - Which is the first word?
Sweet or spicy? - Ca m'est
egal - Ca m'est egal - It's all
the same to me - I was shot
with bullets of pepper - On my
lips - I feel a nip - Black and
white - Bonnie and Clyde
Black and white - Bonnie and
Clyde - It steels my sight - Under
cover of night - We run away
from...-It's all the same to me
We run away from...It's all the
same to me - In the puzzle

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