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Eternal Damnation

Cirith Gorgor

Listening to the wolves in this cold winter night,
This night we start our battle with pride
Their time has come...
Return to where you are from
Them, the ones we despise,
Will soon be at their end
They will suffer for their own (believed) lies,
For all eternity they are damned

Eternal Damnation

Filled with a sense of hate we burn and kill
Driven by our might we fight
Their destruction is what we must fulfill
Power given to us by the moon in the midst of night
We will accomplish our desire
We fight with sword and fire

Eternal Damnation
Infernal Devastation

We will destroy them by fire
It is the will of him, they serve
The ones we were always told to admire,
Being burnt is what they deserve
The battle will last long, they will be strong
But we will fight for our victory, forever will be
One by one we will watch them die,
For the life they live for a lie
We will accomplish our desire
The time has come for him... the liar

Eternal Damnation

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