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Thin Air


In my empty head
I like to say your name when you're not here
I feel it tighten in my chest
As I pull you out of thin air

Well, I remember when you used to say
That it's time that complicates you
Time that complicates you, oh
I remember it like it was yesterday
Fill me in on all of your secrets
Tell me what you're thinking

Dig my wishing well
I throw a nickel down into it again
Takes me back to when I
First looked down and saw myself

Well, I still see you in most everything
I sing my blues away
Your words spill out like poetry
The way it goes is the same for you and me
Said I'd meet you in the morning
But I don't have the energy

Give me something real
If only for the thrill

When it all falls down
When it all falls down
There you are, there you are
No need to wonder
I used to know you
Better than anyone

I, I heard
My voice through an open door
Singing my slow songs for whoever
But I don't want to no more
Don't want to no more

Give me something real
If only for the thrill
Give me something real
If only for the thrill

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