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City High Anthem

City High

They just gave up on our entire generation
So we were all pushed to the side
Cuz we didn't see the world through our teacher's eyes
When all we needed was alittle bit of motivation
But because we wore our pants saggin
We were labeled as gangsta's and said we wasn't worth the time
There are so many things I never asked you
There are so many things I still don't know, oh, oh,
There are so many things you never told me,
And so many things that I will never know
And why, cuz I went to City High

A school with more drop outs than sign ups at registration (mmm,yeah)
And the pregnacy rate is at an all time high (we all know why)
And you would think the classroom's the place for mentalstimulation (mmm)
But there's some brother's outside sellin that stuff that'll
really stimulate your mind (I'm talkin bout gettin high)
There are so many things you never showed me
There are too many things you let slip by (let em slip on by)
How can I face a world that doesn't know me? (don't even knowme)
A world that doesn't care whether I live or die and why, cuz I goto City High

SO we don't need your education
We don't want no pacifier
We are the leaders of your nation
We gonna make sure the world survives
There ain't no justice, there's just us
What happened to the meaning of in God we trust?
As we get older and our children grow up
We ain'tgonna teach them what ya'll showed us, mmm

There's too many babies dyin before they're born (lord ain't thatthe truth)
And too many young ladies cryin with a daddy in the house andnot
a father in the home (now ya'll know there's a difference)
Now what about all these young soldiers being led astray
What happened to the Issac Hayes, the Curtis Mayfields and allthe Marvin Gayes
Man we really need em today
And there are so many things that need explaining
but you said it was too late for me to learn
Was supposed to be my shelter when it was raining
But instead you left me out here all alone
And I gotta make it on my own

Chorus 1x

The people who did believe
What we could do to change our future
You knew the world was in our hands
Help build them stronger so they could withstand
All the pressures, all the war, all the prejudice
When the others were sure we couldn't figt the stress in life
But those who didn't believe us
Listen to my words for you
Listen to your children sing to you

Chorus 2x

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Composição: Claudette Ortiz / Robby Pardlo / Ryan Toby. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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