Stomp, Stomp the Booneville Stomp
The Ba-Ba-Ba-Booneville Stomp

Maudie worked for the forestry
But he couldn't make ends meet
Maudie went to the hydro store
Soon he became part of the town elite
Got down with the town elite


Sadie knew the preacher man
She pedicured his wife
Sadie told the boys in town
Soon they came
Threatened to take his life


Micheal lived with the Sarah-Lee's
And played hardball fast
Now he's part of a crazy cast
The greatest cast


Now Betsy was flirty
Tried to be homecoming queen
But Allie had a few more trinkets
And something in-between

Now Betsy had an ear for music
And a voice for unique tone
But at 19 had a baby boy
So her dreams never got a chance to roam

Never thought from home

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