What am i fighting for?
Gave up on living life
The sight of anything unfamiliar
Makes me shake

Drove myself crazy
When I'm on my own can i guess
Where you are my shooting star
Turned my back thus far
Handling words, miss the way to your heart
Can be more than the way we are
Meant to be

Give me rhyme or reason
I'mma choose the rhyme.
Take these rusty dumb thoughts
You make em shine.

I give you my ten cents
You give me your two,
When I block my ears off I won't hear you!
Give me a couple of tries to live this life right.

I'm bobbin and weavin to make it out all right,
Find time to complain so look me dead in the eye
Realize that I was wrong all along
Your love makes me stronger

I try so hard to live without you,
I fall short, fall short of your grace
I try so hard to get back to you,youuuu.

My mouth's a witness, my mouth's a witness it goes....(beatbox)
My mouth's a witness, so when i spit this, it goes...(beatbox)
[End of Chorus]

Can i get a witness,
Let me get ears my testimony is my life,
I stumble the years and i was so lost.
God forgive me you commend me for all my wrongs.

I'm in debt to you, for the blood you spilt.
It's who I killed.
You loved me still, you loved me still.

Ohhhh, please forgive me,
Oh God please heal me.
My mind's a weapon confined between you, me, and heaven.
My ressurrections coming 3, 2, 1...
Time's running out,
Faithfulness is on the down and out.
So please forgive me, God please heal me.
With you is where I'll be,here.


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