You know it’s my sweet 13 ya’ll
Hold up wait
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I pull up in the bins
Roof like glare
Interior looking like my hair
Got the whole crowd
Buzzing about me like that
So I’ll be big 1.3 I’ll be there
Where’s the party at
Right here right here
Were in like air like air
No more diamonds and pearls for me
Somebody rock the world for me

I got my nail done
My hair is fly
Calling my friends jump in
My daddy’s bin and we
Six deep fins jeep
I bet the whole city knows
That the party’s on tonight
Gonna put it on the tv screen
Get the girls gonna sweet 13
Hot guy rock star
Photo up my style
Keep it popin
Cause the party’s on tonight
Gonna party as a sweet 13
Go and get it started
You know what I mean
Girls get it popin’ on the dance floor
Then I’ll hit the dance floor
Baby as a sweet 13

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