To all the boys and the girls outside
You know I didn't cry
But you saw me anyway
In the back of the creek one day
And if you're trying to get a ride
On a rollerskate or a bike
Just ask and I'll take you round
The block and back this way again
To all the boys and the girls outside
Why don't you come and fly with me
I'll show you why I ran away
The other day from my mom and dad
All the boyz and the girls outside
I know you've got crazy things inside
And that's why I've got to show you
How I do the things I do best
I like to rollerskate on bike
And that's why I've got crazy style
I go so fast around the block
And as I do I sing this song to you
Sunshine Oh sunshine
If you don't know why you shine
You've got to go into the sun
You've got to go inside

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