What Is Good A Heart

Code Red

I told you how I felt
I told you what it meant
But I still haven't changed your mind

I know that you're afraid,
You're frightened of the pain
But you can let down your guard

Cause when we run, we hide
We deny what's inside

What good is a heart, if you're not gonna use it?
What good is your love, if you're too scared to choose it?
If your heart is beating, then it's for a reason
If you're not even willing to start, what good is a heart?

Don't make the same mistake that people often make
And miss out on a chance for love

You've got to make your move, you've got to make it soon
Cuz you're dying inside

Cuz I'm a man, but I cry
I have fears, I won't lie


Come on baby, you know it
Girl anyone who looks can see that I'm right

There's a chance, we should take it
Or regret it for the rest of our lives


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