Wait for... everything evil in you comes out
I'll stay when we'll only motivate sound instead sergeant
Make for the table... in hopes that i won't be afraid again
Call when enabled and send the leader out against... i will
Stage a reenactment in a false pretense exist inflict
Unworthy unconsciousness why debate when the actions suppressed then kill the acquitted
Listen... to the sounds that remain in question in hopes... to solidify a truce
Amongst the children and the jury
That stands the verdict alive here among the dead
Evolve monstar show me the things that i've never wanted done
Evolve monstar do to me the things i never wanted done

I i felt much better than this before
If they find out to avoid then the accidents kept hidden away
But if they stay...

Blood hungry cannibalistic unfit family ties
In a series of knocks to the young girl's head side
Come write me a letter and paste it on my refrigerator door
Inspected inspector i think we've found something over here

Jesse!!! just come look at what your brother did here he did away with me
Stay until wednesday and write me a child-like letter pretending
At war here in thursday let's make this our last day at home by the fence

Would you run...? would you run? would you run down past the fence...?
And she screamed claudio, dear claudio
I wish god damn it we'll make it if you believe... k.b.i

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Composição: Coheed and Cambria. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Enviada por Luciana e traduzida por Bittercourt. Revisão por Fabiana. Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.

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